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Anti-static Masterbatch

Anti-static Masterbatch This masterbatch is combination of short and long-term effect anti-static additives and is used to eliminate the anti-static effect of polymers.

Anti-oxidant Masterbatch HIP-AO

Anti-oxidant Masterbatch HIP-AO This masterbatch is containing 10wt% of Type I and Type II anti-oxidant additives and is used to produce auto parts.

Transparent Masterbatch HIP-CL

Transparent Masterbatch HIP-CL This masterbatch is designed for general purpose and is used in production of all homo polypropylene parts require transparency.

Anti-UV Masterbatch HIP-UV

Anti-UV Masterbatch HIP-UV Anti-UV is basically a polyethylene, polypropylene-based masterbatch and prevents the destruction of products against the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Antibacterial Masterbatch Hiperen AB

Antibacterial Masterbatch Hiperen AB Despite having higher quality, they cost much lower than similar products on internal and external markets.

Completed Projects

Production of crosslinked polyethylene nanocomposites for using in water and fuel tanks –preparation of production of antibacterial –anti odor trash technical knowledge in collaboration with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council –Preparation of production of antibacterial fibers technical knowledge for using in clothes in collaboration with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council. Production of special polymer processing aid for replace with foreigner materials.

  1. Ongoing Projects

    Preparation of  food packaging film technical knowledge with high durability – Production of adhesive resin for  manufacturing of  pipe and multilayer films process.

  2. Tech Support

    Consulting in start-up of film blowing and cast production line in Fars province –start-up of compound and masterbatch production line – Consulting in start-up of pipe production in Tehran province – Analysis and formulation for paper production rollers (high abrasion resistance).

  3. Inventions

    Nano packaging films for food industry applications (uses) with 62788 patent number –

    Two-component processing aid system to enhance the processability of polyolefins with 56640 patent number –Production of polyethylene with desirable processing properties with 43037 patent number.

  4. Seminars and Exhibitions

    Fourth National Festival of Innovation and Development­–Nanotechnology Festival–Iran Plast–Kish Plast–Nano Japan Exhibition–Nano Russia Exhibition– Chia Plast– Arab Plast– K Exhibitions

  5. Achievements

    “Certifications and honors” Nano-metrology approval from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council. Establishment of the first knowledge-based company in Iran.

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